Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles? Know The Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles? Know The Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera
Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles?

Who likes those dark, tired, puffed eyes? Those eyes look punched and dull. No one. Right.

But what do we do to it?

Aloe Vera is the solution.


Dark Circles as the name reveals are the dark under-eye skin that may be caused due to many reasons. The dark under the eye is rarely a medical condition and more often it’s a symptom of stress. These dark circles are different from the ones which are caused by bruises, these are generally brown to black in shade and may differ according to the complexion.


Amongst many reasons for this condition, the major stake is the excess of stress and anxiety. Other causes of dark circles are the following:

Long Screen Hours

The foremost cause of these unwanted dark circles is the prolonged screen hours. The rays emitted by the screens have a direct impact on the skin that ruptures the fine layer of skin under the eye and makes it dark or pigmented.


The condition where our body suffers from lack of hydration. It also leads to dark circles as the cells get damaged and begin to appear dull due to a lack of water concentration.

Hereditary Conditions

Apart from the goodness that we get from our generation, there are little negatives that travel through. One among them is dark circles, if the family tree has the condition of dark circles it automatically gets into the generation even if an individual is following a healthy lifestyle.

Health Concerns

For those who suffer from anemia or iron deficiency, dark circles are a common symptom in them. The lack of blood in our body makes the body look tired and dull which appears as a condition of dark circles.

Sleeping Pattern

An individual who gets less than 8 hours of sleep a day is more prone to dark circles as the body doesn’t get enough time to revive and regain its energy from the hard day work and consequently it leads to the formation of dark under eyes.

Excessive Stress

Stress and anxiety can be seen from an individual’s look of the eye. As it’s rightly said, “The eyes reveal it all”. Excessive stress and workload can be a major cause of dark circles.

Chemical Products

The use of chemical products does leave an impact on the skin. The dark circles can be caused due to the excessive and intense use of harsh chemicals that makes the skin dry and often leads to damaged cell and undergrowth of the cells.


Dark Circles are the dark under the eye which may be caused due to stress, lack of sleep, several medical conditions like thyroid and anemia, use of harsh chemical products, and unprofessional massaging of the skin.

Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles? Know The Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera
Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles?

Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles?

Aloe Vera is a plant full of goodness that can be easily found in the backyards. These plants are a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and have several other properties.

Aloe Vera is a rich source of antioxidants that eliminates the free radicals which slow down the aging process, reduce wrinkles, and make the skin super flexible and supple.
It has Vitamins that give essential nutrients to the skin that supports in making the skin glowing and radiant.

The plant has high water content. It has 98% water that making it a super element for providing hydration to the skin which makes the skin feel fresh and healthy.
Aloe Vera is a great moisturizer for the same cause and is used extensively for moisturizing the skin and locking the moisture in place.

It also has antibacterial, antifungal properties that make it worth fighting all sorts of bacterial and fungal infections. It also helps in reducing the condition of pimples and acne. For this reason, Aloe Vera is used in the treatment of Eczema and Psoriasis which often occurs due to the dryness of the skin.

The anti-inflammatory property of Aloe Vera aids in reducing all sorts of redness and skin irritation and skin inflammation.

Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles? Know The Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera
Is Aloe Vera Good For Dark Circles?


Using Aloe Vera is a simple process but it does require some serious commitments and discipline. (Not like the ones you promise on Promise Day) Right!

The easy steps in the process include:

Take some fresh Aloe Vera gel into a bowl.

Add a few drops of Vitamin E serum from the tablets.

Mix the two well and apply it under the eye.

Massage gently with the help of fingertips and let the gel sink into your skin.

PRO TIP: Use fresh Aloe Vera gel either from the market or directly from the garden.

You may also, just apply the gel and skip the vitamin E tablet.


Here are the few tried and tested do’s for better, effective, and fast results.

  • Use the Aloe Vera gel twice a day.
  • Do not skip the routine.
  • Always use fresh Aloe Vera gel.
  • If possible keep the gel in the fridge for cooling sensation.
  • If you are using the gel from the market make sure it does not constitute more chemicals.

With this, we come to an end of the super trick for reducing the dark circles.


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