Is Honey Good For Hairs!

This sweetness has its history back in several millennia around the world. Honey is the world’s first natural sweetener and due to its medicinal properties, it has made its base in healthcare and lifestyle.

Not just foods; since ancient times honey has been used to treat wounds as honey-do not hold any moisture in itself and it also sucks out all the moisture from the wound making it dry easily and providing speedy recovery.

Why Is Honey Beneficial For Hair: And Its Myth

Is Honey Good For Hairs

Honey is high in antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also a potent source of phytonutrients which makes it magic must.

And do not worry love, Honey can be a long-term investment. Honey can be taken to space so there’s no end to this.
“It’s Forever”

Here we have a generous Insight into all 11 reasons to use honey for hair.

Let’s dive straight into it.

Honey as a Moisturizing Agent.

Honey naturally softens the hairs as it has a natural emollient that locks the moisture in place preventing the hairs from drying and being damaged which results in serious hair loss and breakage.

Honey as a Natural Cleanser.

Honey is a natural cleanser as it provides the scalp with all the required nutrients yet prevents the pores from clogging giving a smooth base for hairs to grow. And perfect roots lead to the rapid growth of hairs. So honey for hairs is a thumbs up.

Honey Brings Shine to Hairs.

Are you guys tired of using straighteners and curlers and sprays and gels to keep your hairs in place? Of course a big yes!! But do not worry we have come up with one such ingredient that does it all.
Honey is a sticky substance that helps to nourish the hair cuticles. Honey brings shine and tames the frizzy hairs. Honey not only prevents but also restores the damage caused by the sun and other exposures.

Natural Bleaching and Lightening Agent.

Honey blond color available in the market can solve all your problems.
Hey, No Honey!
Just Kidding.
The colors and bleaches accessible in the market have enough chemicals that suck all the moisture away leading to dryness and dullness of hairs with the add-on benefit of hair breakage.
Honey has an enzyme called hydrogen peroxide which naturally lightens the color of hairs without any exposure to those cruel chemicals. Therefore Honey in itself is a natural bleaching and lightning agent.

Honey Fights Dandruff.

Dandruff is one such condition that ruins all the preparation, brings the confidence to zero, and looks so unhygienic. But the solution is honey again.
Raw Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help to fight dandruff causing bacteria’s and fungus, leading to clear scalp and allowing the hairs to breathe. Treating dandruff leads to less hair fall.

Honey Strengthen Hairs.

Brittle hairs are a major game-turner when it comes to hair strength and density. So what do we do to it? Apply honey.

Applying a honey hair mask once a week could help in bringing the long lustrous and full hairs as honey removes all the extra unwanted elements from the hair giving it additional strength.

Honey Controls Split Ends

The antioxidants present In honey lower the damage of hairs and prevents the hairs from being dry, rough, and dull which ultimately prevents the hairs from breakage leading to good hair growth.

Is Honey Good For Hairs

Honey Prevents Scalp Infections.

Usually, our scalp faces all the chemical accumulations from the use of different hair styling and heating products which is a major contribution to fungus formation in the scalp leading to scalp irritation but the application of honey on the scalp for 15-20minutes prevents infections like eczema and psoriasis because honey has anti-bacterial property.

This antibacterial property of honey is due to the enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide which is an antibacterial agent.

Honey as Natural Conditioner.

Honey is a natural conditioner as honey has humectant which has the property to retain and lock moisture.
Hence, the use of honey can make the hair bouncy, conditioned, and manageable.

Honey Prevents Hair Loss

Stress and excess chemical layering in the scalp is major cause of hair loss. Honey has an antioxidant property that reduces the damages caused by oxidative stress and

Honey works largely as a cleanser that makes sure there isn’t any accumulation in the scalp. Thereupon the religious use of honey can prevent hair loss.

Is Honey Good For Hairs

Myth Buster:

Several arguments suggest that honey turns the hair grey.

But Do not worry.
It’s a myth.

Honey has emollient and humectant properties. Now, what do these properties do?
The Emottient properties make the hairs soft and manageable and The Humectant properties retain the moisture in hairs.

Well, it is usually advised to wash the hair within 30minutes of the application of honey. Not because it turns hair grey all at once.

Rather Honey naturally consists of a chemical component called “Hydrogen Peroxide” which has some bleaching agents. Therefore it may lighten the hair color.
For example, it can turn black hair brown and consequently brown to a lighter shade.

So it’s completely safe to use honey in hairs because honey has all that our hair needs. And just 30minutes of application won’t grey your hair. And that’s our word.

How To Apply Honey in Hairs?

The application of honey Is a simple routine. You just need to follow some steps and you are good to go.

  • Take 2 tbs of honey in a bowl for medium hair length. Use honey according to your hair length.
  • Mix 1tbs of any hair oil. Olive oil is generally preferred. You may also use virgin coconut oil or any hair oil you have. The proportion can be changed according to your hair length.
  • Mix the two ingredients well and apply them all over your scalp and hair length. Also do massage your scalp for better stimulation.
  • Cover your hair with a hair cap and let it sit for 25-30minutes. Then wash it off.

You now get to flaunt your hair. With this, we come to end but let’s not forget our agreement. So the pro tip here is:

Try to use the purest form of honey available. Chemical additives in honey can be harmful. Do not let the honey sit in hairs for more than 30minutes.


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